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... Little scared of posting this.. but.. Here goes nothing..

What do you guys think?

You used to be my everything, I loved you with all I had
And now you’ve turned so cold and hard our situation is quite sad
You were the one to make me laugh and take away my pain
You could make the world seem fun when my life was so mundane
You were always the only one who could kiss the hurt away
And when you’re daily work was done we could finally go out to play
I loved the time I spent with you back when I was young
Now those days a very scarce and my world has come undone
I miss the days we spent together I miss the bond we shared
I miss the touch you used to have And I miss how much you cared
Way back when, I’ll never forget, how you taught me all you knew
And the reason today, I know so much, is because I learned from you
Daddy’s little girl, all I was, all I ever wanted to be
Then one day, you’re new job, took you away from me
I missed you for so long, I couldn't wait for you to come back
Because while you were on the road, a part of me I lacked
In the days that you were gone, this you never knew
The only thing that got me through the day was the fact that I had you
I used to dream of the days we’d spend, when you finally drove through town
But when you did, and you had to leave, I thought I’d just break down
But long since time has finally past as I grew more everyday
And you have shown fear you feel that I would grow away
Now that I am I all grown up and almost on my own
I still have the love for you the love you’ve always known
Don’t be scared of what will become or of what I do
Cause there’s only one person I want to please, And that one person's you
All I’ve ever really wanted is for you to be proud of me
But still I want to live my life I wish that you would see
How it feels like I’m never enough, like you never seem to be pleased
I feel like I can never do things right, like I am down upon my knees.
Sometimes I think you expect to much, that you think I’m more than I am
But life is about being happy, it’s in God’s master plan
I just wish you’d except me for who I am inside
And love me the way you used to before the child inside me died
You’ve always been my hero, the biggest part of my world
And no matter what I’ll always be, a Daddy’s little girl.
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